About me

Hi there!, my name is Renz Jezrel Abong I’am 14 years old ….

What makes me unusual is…, this is not a typical blog I dont have DSLR’s, iphones, Macbook, cool sweaters, instax, vans, ipad, cool stuffs, a lot of money, awesome clothes, haven’t attended concerts, haven’t eaten on starbucks and other fancy cafe restos or whatsoever, I’m not rich, I’m not smart either, and every crazy stuffs you may think of, hindi rin ako pala ingles sa totoong buhay, feeling ko ang arte-arte nang laging nag i-Ingles (no offense), poor kids makes me happy, at higit sa lahat hindi ako materialistic masaya ako kung anong meron ako mahirap lang kami kaya kung anong kayang bilhin yun lang.

your argument is invalid

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